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Terms and conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Website Users / Purchasers)



1.1 This is Version SP1.2 (September 2020) of our Terms & Conditions. Dreamtree Deals Ltd reserve the right to amend or change these at any time to an updated Version. We will ensure that the Terms & Conditions displayed online through the website are always the current and correct version.
1.2 By using the website or making any purchase you are legally bound to these Terms & Conditions.
1.3 To use the website and/or to make any purchase you must be aged 18 years or over.
1.4 This website is for your personal (non-commercial) use only, although you may buy vouchers as gifts for someone else’s personal use.


2.1 You can view most of the site without registering, however you must register to make a purchase, or to access the ‘My Account’ page which displays your details and previous purchases with options such as downloading vouchers. The tab for ‘My Account’ appears only once you have registered.
2.2 You must register with a valid personal email address that you access regularly.
2.3 You must keep your password confidential, and inform Dreamtree Deals immediately if an unauthorised third party becomes aware of your password, or if you have unauthorised use of your email, or any breach of security. You are entirely responsible if you do not maintain the confidentiality of your password.


3.1 Once you receive your voucher, you have the right to change your mind and cancel within 14 working days for a full refund, provided you have not yet used/redeemed the voucher.
3.2 The voucher can be redeemed with the Merchant for the voucher goods or services as detailed on the voucher within the validity date displayed on the voucher.
3.3 Please note Dreamtree Deals is NOT the Merchant. Dreamtree Deals is not the seller of the voucher goods or services.

3.4 It is the Merchant who is responsible for providing you the goods and services as details on the voucher.
3.5 Reproduction/Copying, sale or trade of vouchers is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to do so will result in the
voucher being void and your account being closed.
3.6 Dreamtree Deals are not responsible for lost or stolen vouchers or voucher reference numbers. Please note,
you can download/print your purchased vouchers through the ‘My Account’ page on our website to use if the
voucher hasn’t already been redeemed.
3.7 Voucher Expiry dates are shown on the voucher.
3.8 We reserve the right to send you emails regarding your account activity, promotional information and updates.
3.9 The sale of vouchers is not currently subject to VAT, if this law changes, we reserve the right to charge VAT.


4.1 You have the right to cancel your purchase of the Voucher within 14 calendar days after you make the purchase, the ‘Voucher Cancellation Period’. However, if you redeem (use) your Voucher during the Voucher Cancellation Period, you expressly request the services to begin being provided to you, and you acknowledge that you lose your right to cancel the purchase of the Voucher . Since Dreamtree is not responsible for the supply or provision of the Merchant Offering, once your Voucher is redeemed Dreamtree has completed its services to you in full.

4.2 If you do wish to cancel your unredeemed voucher within the Voucher Cancellation Period, you must do so by emailing us at, and Dreamtree will refund in full your purchase within 14 days of your cancellation/refund request.

4.3 If you redeem (use) your Voucher, but the Merchant has not properly provided you with the service/product as detailed in their advert/deal, or if you have a complaint regarding the provision of the Merchant service/product, you must take action against the Merchant directly. This is because the Merchant, and not Dreamtree, is responsible for the supply and/or provision of the Merchant Offering. Dreamtree only acts as a platform to market, sell and supply the voucher for the Merchant. However, if you and the Merchant cannot agree on how to resolve the complaint, Dreamtree may, upon your request, try to help resolve the issue between you and the Merchant.

4.4 Unless you expressly inform Dreamtree in advance not to, any refund will be refunded to you via your original method of payment. If your original method of payment has been cancelled, expired or has otherwise changed, you must inform the customer support team immediately at If you fail to do this and you are refunded to your original method of payment, you may need to coordinate with your bank or your payment services provider to obtain your refund. Dreamtree will not provide more than one refund.

4.5 You have 30 days from the date you receive the refund to reject it. If you do not reject the refund during these 30 days, the refund shall be in full and final settlement of any and all claims you may have against Dreamtree related to, arising out of, or connected to that Voucher.


5.1 It is the Merchant who is responsible for providing goods/services, therefore Dreamtree Deals and its directors and staff are not responsible and have no liability for any claims, suits, liabilities, judgements, loss or damages in respect of, arising from or in connection with voucher goods or services.
5.2 We are not liable for accidental errors or omissions (e.g. listing a voucher at £1.20 instead of £120). We have the right to amend or change information. In this case we would reserve the right to refund payment and void voucher on a deal, voucher or service on our website at any time.
5.3 We have no control or responsibility for third party websites which have links from the Dreamtree website, such as the Merchant’s website links.


Dreamtree Deals = Dreamtree Deals Ltd
Merchant = The third party seller of goods/services for which voucher can be redeemed. Dreamtree Deals Ltd is NOT the Merchant.
Purchaser = Person who has purchased voucher/s for the Merchant’s offer through the Dreamtree Deals