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TWO HOUR *Blissful Moments Pamper* Full Body & Soul Treatment: Indian Head Massage, Swedish Back Massage, Balancing Abyhanga Hand & Foot Massage.


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HOLISTIC THERAPY: The term ‘Holistic’ originates from the Greek word ‘holos’, which translates as ‘whole’. Holistic Therapy encompasses practices that treat the body as one entity. It attempts to address an individual as a whole person. Holistic therapists view the human body as one, harmonious system and believe overall wellbeing can only be achieved if the mind, body, and spirit are balanced. This is achieved using natural, non-medical treatments. Due to this approach, holistic therapy should be used alongside conventional medicine, hence the term ‘complementary medicine’. Unlike mainstream medical care that cures illnesses as and when they occur, holistic therapy also works to prevent illness from occurring by promoting wellbeing as the key to health and wellness.



INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE  is a relaxing holistic therapy that uses acupressure massage to release stress that has accumulated in the tissues, muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. It aims to nourish the body’s energy systems.

SWEDISH BODY MASSAGE is considered to be the ‘classic’ massage and forms the basis for other massage types. Unlike sport massage or deep tissue massage, Swedish massage uses lighter application of techniques and pressure to promote relaxation. Benefits include:

  • eases muscular tension and pain
  • improves lymphatic drainage, eliminating toxins
  • improves blow flow throughout the body
  • reduces emotional and physical stress

ABYHANGA HAND & ARM + FOOT & LOWER LEG MASSAGE: Abyhanga is a type of Ayurvedic treatment.. Ayurvedic practices have been around since circa. 2 B.C. In Ayurvedic massage, marma points are anatomical locations in your body where a concentration of life energy exists. Marma points are said to contain the three doshas:
~ vata (air and space)
~ kapha (earth and water)
~ pitta (fire and water)
These doshas are believed to be linked to physical and emotional wellbeing. Like traditional acupressure and Chinese acupuncture, Ayurvedic massage stimulates the marma points and is believed to improve physical and mental wellbeing.


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  • Friendly, Relaxed Salon with Experienced Therapist.
  • TWO HOUR Treatment Pamper Package
  • Tues 10:00 to 14:00 | Wed 13:30 to 18:30 | Sat 10:00 to 14:00

Fine Print:

  • 1 Voucher Per Person, although multiples can be bought as gifts
  • Not to be used in conjunction with other offers. MUST CALL TO BOOK IN ADVANCE. 48 Hour Cancellation Policy. Minimum age 18
  • Tues 10:00 to 14:00 | Wed 13:30 to 18:30 | Sat 10:00 to 14:00
  • For queries or to cancel or reschedule an appointment please call 07599 221215 | For BOOKINGS Please use the link below for online booking system (copy and paste the link into your browser)

Website: Tranquil Soul Wellbeing

@ Danu Beauty & Wellness
Weevil Lane, Unit 8, Cooperage Green, Gosport

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